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ive been feeling really good lately but simultaneously really guilty cos its mil’s doing that ive been feeling really good and nice lately and i know ill never be able to repay her properly cos im a dinkle dankus

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People in Ferguson Still Need Help!

This website contains a wealth of useful information on ways to help the people in Ferguson, how you can organize and participate locally, and helps to spread the word and keep the message strong. 


Imagine if nicki had actual fat girls in her video tho

Wow ….just…I’m totally amazed that this argument is even a problem.just let our chubs feel good for like two seconds god

usually the stories are always about people around them, like, shitty people in their lives and in their lives only that bully them, where as with chubbins, its tv, movies, news websites, the first lady of the united states, people at school, family, friends, doctors(so many horror stories about undiagnosed problems because doctors telling them that being overweight is the problem and not actually doing any examination),  people on the street, clothing stores, specialty clothing stores, shoe stores, accessories, department stores, magazines, advertisements iin magazines, blogging websites, youtube comments, youtube videos, books, comics, WHATEVER ELSE i am not remembering to mention, that all say “fuck fat people”
god, even plus size stores sometiems say FUCK FAT PEOPLE. went in to the fat side of dress barn and even on their website, absolutely nothing goes above 3X. like i started bawling in the store and mil had to lead me out.
like i understand that people do get bullied for their body even when its small, but what they dont understand is the grand, ginormous scale in which fat people are told to fuck off.
i spoke with a person once who was recovering from anorexia and i wanted to compliment them somehow because the subject of body shape came up, and i didnt want to say “no you aren’t fat at all!” so i said they had a marilyn monroe body, their body shape was nice.(marilyn monroe, who is always described as a sex symbol, as beautiful, “WHEN DID *modern woman* BECOME PRETTIER THAN *picture of marilyn monroe*”) and their reply was “she looks even bigger than i am, im not that fat :/ “
for the handful of extremely skinny people that are bullied for their size by people around them/ perhaps a random stranger on  the internet, there is an entire system of people and things telling the whole world that being fat is the WORST THING that could happen to you.
i feel like the only time being thin is seen by society as negative is when it concerns women who are deemed too skinny to be attractive to men, or men who are deemed too skinny to be real men, which i believe is tied up in sexism more than it is people hating thin people. but *SHRUG* i dont know, mighty king of the cosmos. I dont know what to tell them

blocked notifications on the anaconda ask cos like for every 20 positive reblogs it gets i know im going to get someone saying “but what about me, a thin person”