Comfort; a collection of paintings by Jeremy Sorese

Here’s one of the handful of new paintings I’ve been very busy putting together in a book for TCAF. And knowing how I am with comic conventions, I won’t have enough time to snap some photos of the finished product before I board that bus for Toronto so here’s your heads up two weeks in advance. 

I’ll be tabling with Hannah K Lee, who if you don’t know already, is a supernova amongst trembling feeble dwarf stars.


work doodle based on a photo


kyarys sweater by unif

ARTIST: dreams west ft. tokyo hands
TRACK: </3


dreams west ft. tokyo hands || </3

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how many pages is it going to be? i’ve been taking a class where we make zines all year

christ idk yet. I havent completed outlining all the stories. basically i do rough sketches of what kind of composition or set up i want, then i write in the text. but the work ive been doing on it lately is inking and shading the stories ive already got complete outlines of.
i usually start myself out with a mass of pages  in manga studio and add more if i need them. so far though ive got 25 pages outlined, but i have another story i plan on doing and im not sure how many pages it’ll be. It may end up being a lot. its going to be about the halfdeer that’s in our yard.

ARTIST: Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
TRACK: i Wonder If I Take You Home

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yeah, he can have his space,
he can take his time,
now he can kiss you where the
sun don’t shine.
no, baby, don’t let him
waste your time