got back from the vets today, and he thinks cookie may have a pyometra and the only truly safe option for her is to get her fixed. the problem is, when I adopted her, i was told she had a heart murmur and that said murmur makes it really dangerous for her to go under anesthetic for surgery.
we’re going to a cardiologist to get a second opinion, and possibly get some recommendations on where to go from there. the problem-problem is that its going to cost anywhere from 500 to 770 dollars. the lady on the phone said it will most likely be 770 because in cookie’s case they will most likely have to do the EKGs n such.
we unfortunately are kinda in a really horrible spot with money right now, and need to get at least 500 dollars before Monday, October 7th.
untreated pyometras are deadly and im not ready to lose my baby yet(or ever)
i would really, really appreciate it if you guys could help me out.
I will be accepting commissions for both drawn work, and doll mods/face ups.
drawn commissions will range from 5 dollars to 30, doll commissions will range from 15 to 50 depending on the ammount of work you want done. if you want to send in your own doll i can knock the estimate for your work done a little.

the only catch is, im going to need the money in advance, seeing as I only have a few days to get it and transfer it over to my father’s bank account via paypal. This may lead to a backlog of work, which means you’re going to be waiting on your commission a while(though i wont have you send dolls to me until i am sure i can get to it in a more timely manner because i would hate to have my own dolls gone for a really long time)
I also have some dolls that i havent been able to sell on etsy that can sell to you for reduced prices, and one I havent put up on etsy yet, so message me if thats something that interests you!
please, PLEASE help me out! if you just want to donate a few dollars  thats cool too, and if you have no money to spare, please spread this as much as you can.
i really appreciate the help. the goal is 500 dollars.
if you would like to donate, commission, etc, send me a message/fanmail via tumblr or send me a message on skype.
my skype is petdogprotectionweek
for examples of my work: here and here (some picturs in this tag are customs by my fiancee mil, they are usually tagged as such/captioned as such)
thanks for taking your time to read this.